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Are you experiencing peak workloads, special projects that are on hold because you can't get to them?
Do you think 'by the time I explained what we need, I could do it myself?
We deliver results on time and work independently to optimize your workload.

Completed Projects:        


Budget: the budget process was revamped at a company with 30 cost centers and 20 products. The result was implemented, data input templates, screens and reports generated, budgets evaluated and consolidated at department and divisional level. The new system resulted in a reduction of workload while providing the same level of accuracy.

R&D Project Cost Planning: A model for long range project cost planning for R&D was developed and implemented.  Management and scientists trained in its use.  Results were better resource utilization and portfolio management.


Outsourcing and Contract Management: At a pharmaceutical company a system for administering contracts at 100+ Research Organizations testing 30 products was designed. This system resulted in lower costs and timely reports.


Investment Analysis Investment proposals were analyzed and business plans prepared for a large industrial corporation. Founding of companies and implementation of internal investments was monitored.

Market Entry Market and competitive environment in a service segment were researched, customers and vendors analyzed.  An acquisition candidate was identified.