Managing Partner – DI A. N. Göker, MBA-MA

Our philosophy is to do our job, and deliver quality results on time. We adher to standards of accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour and fair operating practices. We stand for sustainable development and renewable energy and have completed innovative projects in this area.

We have experience working in Austria, USA, Germany, Africa, Turkey.  We go where the job is and work with people from all around the world.  We produce the results you want and move on…(wir sind keine Sesselkleber)

Standards  EN 16114 / ISO 20700 Unternehmensberatungsdienstleistungen/ Management Consulting Services / Services de Conseil en Gestion

Why Gypsy Consultants?….because Gypsy also means (1) freespirited person who likes to move around, a person that loves freedom (2) (informal) a person working independently or without a license (ours are Gew. Reg. Zl. 100464B01/08 and Gew. Reg. Zl. 101449G01/08 WK Wien) and our company registration F378572z74 Vienna Austria).  No known ethnic connection exists, but if you torture the data it might confess.  This is our way to reclaim the term Gypsy to reflect our international background with all its positive connotations.

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Gypsy Consultants e.U. (founded 2012 as GmbH, e.U. effective  November. 2023)

Member of Wirtschaftskammer Wien / Vienna Chamber of Commerce

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